Search engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are uninitiated to the game of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, we could explain this to you. Simply defined, SEO will let users/your potential clients/customers find your website when they try to search for products or services you engage in. Our role is to make your website search engine optimized. We do this by incorporating the appropriate keywords so your business website is at the top of the list when searched for SEO is an effective tool to keep new and old visitors coming back to your site. Suppose you trade in retreaded tyre business, people who know you will instantly type in your business name. However those who are not aware of your presence will simply type retreaded tyres, and our work in SEO will ensure that your name appears on the top list for that category. Search engines are logged in by companies to see what people are searching for. Our team used this information to build it to your businesses advantage. Irrespective of where you are based, Webtange can get your job done. SEOs may differ from one country to another but we are a competitive inteet powerhouse that can put your business in a spot.

SEO is the core principal in creating a website among several other factors. We are careful not to stuff keywords in the text that it stops flowing. Our team believes in subtle placement of keywords which will result in your website’s name near the top search. A combination of effectiveness and subtlety is what makes SEO work


Webtangle will make your clients reach you by getting your business to the top of search engines. Like you, the clients/businesses you target are on the web too. It is imperative you stay on page one of top search engines lest you lose your potential clients to your competition. To make sure your potential clients find YOU and your website before anyone else's, SEO experts at Webtangle with targeted keywords let you be on top of SERPs. Your business will never be short of sales leads or traffic as we employ cent percent white-hat strategies.


Webtangle SEO team prepares a customised plan for your particular business and recommends strategies of increasing it though optimisation of on and off page strategies.

Understanding the way people search the Inteet and the algorithms used, our SEO team generates qualified sales leads and improves the search visibility of your business.


Not just getting you top rankings, we ensure that the traffic that is coming is relevant to your business too. Identifying the keywords most suited to your line of business, our SEO experts target users largely interested in doing business with you. Our certified Google Analytics experts in SEO team employ keywords that your required audience uses to find businesses like yours. Geographical targeting methods are also used to channelize streamlined traffic. These strategies increase inflow of visitors, click through rate, increase conversions and lowering bounce rate.

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