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Augmented and Virtual Reality Development

Taking innovation, a step further, Augmented Reality imposes virtual designs onto reality, using mediums like optical devices, smartphones and tablets. This simple concept can change the future for all most any business.

A little diverse from AR is Virtual Reality where integration of reality with the virtual world creates surreal experiences for the end user. They are near reality experiences but are only simulations. Using advanced computers and sensory equipment like headsets and gloves you can create simulations of your choice and use to for learning, research or demonstrations.

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Augmented Reality

Imagine a world where technology lets people try on clothes without actually wearing them. Technology that lets customers virtually fit furniture in their homes to see how it will look or fit before they buy it. The technology of Augmented Reality will change the way businesses operate by making this possible on an Android or iPhone augmented reality application.

The key benefits for businesses behind AR development for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is already there and usage is instinctive and spontaneous.

Virtual Reality

VR technology will let your customers interact with any model in real time such as enter a house and play with lights or open and close doors and windows.

VR can make this accessible via VR applications that can be developed for smartphones and tablets and can easily be downloaded. This will then no longer be an elusive technology available to only those who can afford expensive hardware such as a dedicated VR headsets but will bring it in to the hands of the masses where the VR apps will become accessible with cheaper headsets like the google cardboard. Imagine the what that could mean for your business!

3D Modelling

3D Modelling is nothing else but 2D shapes put together in a 3D space. It mathematically describes the surface of an object that can be manipulated with help of technology such as Maya, Blender etc.

Operations like Extrude, Bevel make it possible to play around with vertices, edges and even faces!

With an additional step of rigging, animated models can be made to look like virtual skeletons with bones. Creativity will only be limited by the imagination of the human mind.

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