WordPress is probably the best platform to build your writing community or begin a startup. It is not only free but also easy to use, powered by amazing tools, and you can do almost anything you like on your website using WordPress. It is easy to get started with and if you find yourselves confused then you can turn to hundreds of free tutorials, videos, etc. that help you set up your website.

The recent survey was done by W3Techs,( https://w3techs.com/) run by an Austrian consulting firm Q-Success, reported that WordPress accounts for 60% of the CMS market and 30.2% of all sites on the web are powered by WordPress alone.


WordPress started out in 2003 was initially launched as a blogging platform. Today, this blogging platform has evolved into a giant one that supports startups and businesses. The main competitor of WordPress are Squarespace, Joomla, and Wix but they are far away from where WordPress is standing today.

What is WordPress?

Simply put, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to edit or change the appearance of your website without any coding. It allows you to create, organize, and publish content online or on a single computer.

WordPress, due to its range of features and flexibility, is used by top companies like IBM, BBC, ESPN, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, and Macklemore to name a few. WordPress is not only popular but the fastest growing platform. Every 74 seconds a site lying in top 10 million starts using WordPress. This open source platform has made businesses easy to grow as they can build the system as per their own demand.

Why use WordPress?

There are literally hundreds of reasons for you to set up your website on the WordPress platform. Here are some of the best reasons to get you convinced:

WordPress is Free

Even just this reason is enough to get you started with WordPress. It is free to use CMS system and can be used on any website. As WordPress is an open source software you have the freedom to modify, rebuild, and then redistribute the newer version software your way.

If you are not much into coding and just want to get your blog or website started then WordPress takes care of it too. This platform offers a huge collection of free themes and frameworks. Using different themes gives your website additional functionality that comes along with the theme and changes the overall look of your website. All you have to do is download a theme and install it on your website. This takes just a few clicks here and a few clicks there. You don’t have to touch the code even once.

There are thousands of themes available for you to choose from and you should check each theme and apply the one that is suitable for your business.


The assumptions that WordPress’ security system is built by amateurs and is not safe are not true. The truth is that their security track record is quite good and an entire team is in place to secure the CMS. WordPress powers up to 30% of all websites and the last breach that occurred affected around 8000 websites i.e. 0.002% of all the websites.

WordPress has introduced HackerOne which rewards people to find the vulnerabilities. This leads to finding the security loopholes faster and fixing them before any major breach happens. Today, a whole army of developers works constantly to tackle the security breaches and fix them in a matter of days.

Additionally, if you are still worried about the security you can install plugins on your website which will ensure that your website is not compromised at any point.


WordPress allows you to scale your website anytime you want without costing you extra money. If you own a blog you can scale it up to an e-commerce website all on WordPress. Once you start a website all you need to pay for is the domain and the hosting as WordPress is already installed onto the domain. You can purchase hosting packages on a monthly or an annual basis. This packages are inexpensive and save you huge money. If you purchase a long-term hosting plan then discounts will be on your doorstep.

No matter how much traffic your site receives WordPress will handle it. Purchase a domain and hosting plan from one of the trusted sources and install your WordPress website on that domain and you are good to go.

Easy to Use

Let’s just agree that no one wants to go through a complex web of coding to set up a decent website. A lot of new bloggers and startups don’t have any technical knowledge required for building a website. And that’s where WordPress comes as a saviour. You can literally set up your blog in just five minutes because everything is already in place. You choose a theme, a domain name and you are good to go.

Besides, from signing up to successfully launching your website and everything in between is very easy to understand and use. WordPress offers amazing plugins that help you reach maximum audience and make your website efficient. They are always innovating to develop better integrations, tools, and plugins to help your community grow.

So, if you are just starting out as a blogger or want to establish an e-commerce startup then there’s no better place than WordPress. The community is already so huge that you don’t feel left alone in this humongous internet world. WordPress offers you cost-effective services so that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket just when you need to save money the most.

Now that WordPress powers 30% of the whole websites there are on the internet we have a strong reason to trust this incredible platform. More and more businesses are joining the platform to take grow as much as they could. If you are looking to build and grow then do not hesitate anymore and just get started with the world’s most powerful CMS system rightly known as WordPress.