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With SEO, we believe in the synergy of effectiveness and subtlety for getting your web site near the top results. Simply defined, SEO lets your potential clients find your website when they are looking for products and services your business engages in. We help you get your website Search Engine Optimized by incorporating the most appropriate keywords that promote your website at the top of the search results.

Search engines are utilized by businesses to analyse what people are looking for and we through SEO techniques use this information to place your website at the top of the searches. The techniques may vary between countries but we get your website in the spot light through our superior and competitive edge.

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Search Engine Optimization

If you are uninitiated to the game of Search Engine Optimization or SEO, we could explain this to you. Simply defined, SEO will let users/your potential clients/customers find your website when they try to search for products or services you engage in. Our role is to make your website search engine optimized. We do this by incorporating the appropriate keywords so your business website is at the top of the list when searched for SEO is an effective tool to keep new and old visitors coming back to your site. Suppose you trade in retreaded tyre business, people who know you will instantly type in your business name.

SEO is the core principal in creating a website among several other factors.

Dominate Search Engines:

Webtangle will make your clients reach you by getting your business to the top of search engines. Like you, the clients/businesses you target are on the web too.

Getting you Higher Rankings:

Webtangle SEO team prepares a customised plan for your particular business and recommends strategies of increasing it though optimisation of on and off page strategies. Understanding the way people search the Inteet and the algorithms used, our SEO team generates qualified sales leads and improves the search visibility of your business.

Channelizing Relevant Traffic to your Website:

Not just getting you top rankings, we ensure that the traffic that is coming is relevant to your business too. Identifying the keywords most suited to your line of business, our SEO experts target users largely interested in doing business with you.

Social Media Optimization

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest has potential to work wonders for your brand. In simple words, Social Media is a lot more than just updating personal status, liking images and commenting. Social Media has the power to help you get your brand recognised by the audience as well as create a mass awareness of the goods and services provided by your brand. We help you get your brand recognized through the popular social streams and potentially help gain a vast reach and recognition.

Social Media Marketing along with SEO and PPC will ensure that the mass audience will not miss out on your brand or services.

Pay Per Clicks

We start a PPC campaign for your business, which helps you to attain targeted leads right from the day it is activated. we provide a broad range of PPC advertising services:

  • PPC landing page creation
  • Creating Ad Copyright
  • Ad campaign set up & Campaign report management
  • Paid search strategy implementation
  • Better leads & sales
  • Increased paid traffic
  • Improved ROI
  • Reduced CPC
  • Bid management
  • Re Targeting

How we render the best ppc services!

  • Clear Strategy & Objective : We assist you to decide your target market & pay-per-click objectives.
  • Researching Appropriate Keywords : We create themed campaigns and ad groups based on extensive keyword research for relevant phrases.
  • Display of Sponsored Ads : We provide immediate marketability of your business by creating visible ads on the targeted sites making us an effective PPC service provider.
  • Bid Management and Optimization : Making sure of landing page optimization and effective conversion rates through automatic and manual bid management are some other features of our PPC services.
  • Strong Tracking :For enterprise level clients, our PPC experts employ Google Analytic tools to get solutions to analyze and manage bids. Pace to Market
  • Better Visibility : Our team helps you to get attention online. Resultantly, this will make you a leader in the market and expand your business horizon.
  • Market Paced Ad : Unlike SEO, PPC ads are launched rapidly. This can bring you improved traffic to your website as well as quality leads. All this at affordable costs.
  • Your Retu on Investment Maximized : With our detailed conversion and testing analysis you are guaranteed more clicks on your ads.
  • Experienced professionals to manage PPC accounts
  • 100% satisfactory outcomes at final project delivery
  • Quality PPC management at competitive prices
  • 24 hour communication support
  • Follow transparent business policy
  • Effective, ethical and trustworthy services
  • Convincing ROI on your ad spend
  • Use of the latest trends compliant with the search engine industry

Sales & lead Generation

The term lead generation refers to market the process of evincing interest in a product for developing its sale. It uses digital channels and has seen rise of several new and online social techniques. With the emergence of ‘self-directed buyers’ due to the exposure of large scale information available online qualifies the leads turning into sales.

With the change in purchase process marketers find themselves looking for new ways to reach buyers and focus on being found as well as learn to build continuous relationship with them.With Internet there is abundance of information and buyers are getting better with purchasing choices relying a lot on their own research and learning.

In the bygone era of scarcity of information, lead generation primarily meant finding potential buyers and passing them to sales. This involved direct speaking between buyers and sales personnel.

However in the current scenario all of this has changed. Buyers these days do their research through search engines, social media and other channels. This means that before actually speaking with a sales person the buyer is well equipped with information. This makes it imperative for buyers to build a solid digital presence.

Thus creating a strong strategy of lead generation will help to build trust of the buyer before they are ready to contact sales. Also it would prevent sales teams from making cold calls following a list. The process becomes easier when one can generate leads for sales and these are turned into revenues quicker. This means that as marketers need to rely on good trusted ‘inbound’ techniques to form meaningful relationship with customers/buyers. This can further be done by offering a nix of informative and entertaining content via all right channels where the buyer spends time. This includes SEO and Content, Website, Blogs, Social Media, Outbound Marketing, Email marketing, Display Ads, Pay Per Click Ads, Content Syndication, Events, Sales Development Reps and lead nurturing strategies (or Middle of the Funnel-MOFU) leverage conversions even after lead generation efforts.

Blog Promotion

Nowadays, all the entrepreneurs are taking the help of blogs to promote their venture. The main success mantra of a great blog is engaging content and perfect strategy. Everything has to be dealt strategically. From naming the blog to spreading the word, all the work has to be done quite carefully.

  • Define the motive – Before creating a blog, ask yourself why you are doing it in the first place? Why do you need a blog? Clearly defining all the motives will help you to achieve all the set milestones.
  • Know your audience – Just creating a blog won’t serve your actual purpose. You need to define who your targeted audience are and why they will read your posts. Once you know what message you want to convey and to whom, your work becomes easy.
  • Simplicity is the buzzword - While creating a blog, don’t try to overdo things, remember simple things attract more attention. Designing a highly impressive blog which does not function well is not going to be very beneficial for you. Invest your time on deciding the theme and the design of your blog. Keep it simple yet unique.
  • Name that will stay forever – A name creates an impact. Choose a name for your blog, which will convey the right message to all the audience. Avoid giving tough names.
  • Caption that will win hearts – Great captions linger in mind for a long time. All the big brands use their captions quite effectively. Try to choose a caption for your blog, which your targeted audience will like.
  • Let content rule – People will only come back to your blog, if you offer them something interesting to read. From the first line you will have to keep your audience hooked to your blog. Choose topics, which will grab the eyeballs. Don’t upload content everyday as that can create a negative impact. Make a content strategy and work accordingly. Let your audience wait for your next content, that’s when you will realize that your efforts are getting paid off.
  • Take the help of Social Media – Link your blog with all the social media pages. As soon as you upload any article, it will be reflected in all your contacts. It will give your blog better opportunity to grow.
  • Answer back – Try to answer back each comment that you receive on your blog. This will create a platform for communicating with the users. The conversation will keep them engaged.
  • Utilise the power of hashtag – Define the major keywords and use hashtags to gain more views. Hashtags will automatically make your posting qualify in different sites. Therefore, it will drag more traffic towards your blog.

Content Marketing:

Content will always rule the digital world

Content marketing isn’t just a hype; it is in fact a necessity in the digital world. An era where everything happens from home, being online with the right message is extremely important. A website without engaging content is equal to having no website at all. Irrespective of the size of the business, reaching out to customers is always important.

Is content still the king - a question to ponder

  • Become a known brand: Study says that a customer will browse your site only if that person finds you to be interesting. Only a visually appealing website, won’t really make a person stick back for a long time. You need to talk about your brand in a way, which captures the interest of the browser. The moment one customer stays on your webpage for more than 7 minutes, you can be rest assured that you have got a hot lead.
  • Visibility matters: It is hard to gain a higher ranking in Google search engine. Here is where content comes into the scene. The right keywords can work out wonders for your brand. Ranking high in any search engine automatically makes a brand authentic and trustworthy.
  • A personal connection: Ever thought how can you reach out to thousands of people across the globe? Sitting inside the comfort of your office room is it at all possible? Well, yes content marketing made it possible. With quality content, you can hold on to the interest of your customer. This interest develops into a personal connection with the brand. The more a customer reads about you the more he gets drawn towards you. Right content can win you customer loyalty.
  • Reconnect: With the change in technology world, everything has now become virtual. In the era where digital world is ruling, being online with the right message matters. A great content marketing strategy can reconnect you with your existing customers. New customers are important but old customers are special.
  • Spreading awareness: Content marketing is not just about the writing on your webpage but it is a strategy to engage customers. From e-mail marketing to social media promotion, everything must have good content. Unable to spread the right message can prove to be a hindrance for your brand awareness campaign. Content marketing helps in creating the buzzword in the virtual world.

Content marketing has huge potentiality. Ignoring its need is not a very wise idea. Infact failing to engage customers with the right content can prove to be dangerous for a business. Content marketing is an investment that is going to fetch you return, slowly. You will have to be a little patient while developing the strategy. Expecting result immediately is a bad business strategy. You can always consult an expert who will work out the entire strategy on behalf of you. If you have still not thought about going ahead for content marketing, it is high time start thinking about making your brand big.

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