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Web Development

Just define the process and let the application do it. Do you really have the time to do these manually because there is nothing which an application cannot do. If your answer is no, make it automated so that, you are not involved in each step of every process.

We always try to make every step automated whether it is about user interaction or internal behavior of the application. Most of the things are open to all in Webtangle hence making everything automated makes it worth.

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E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce has opened up new markets that once would have not been achievable with traditional marketing methods, and is now a fundamental sales channel for any business. We offer a host of E-Commerce solutions to suit all types of business whether big or small. From our "out of the box" E-Commerce platform for smaller businesses through to our bespoke integrated systems for larger high street brands we can tailor an E-Commerce solution for your business.

With our experience, the right tools, superior design and exceptional functionality, mixed in with effective online marketing, we can help you take your products to the world and increase business through online sales.

Our in-house software development team adds even greater flexibility to customers requiring bespoke development outside of the standard package's functionality, or assistance with existing system integration. Whatever the requirements, our systems and the development team have the proven experience and capability to deliver a system to suit.

Custom Web Development

Being a part of the digital world is a blessing in disguise. However, it is not very easy to survive like a king on the realm of digital marketing as there are heaps of companies to compete and to grab the whole market. As a business owner, you must reach your target audience to endure with the global economy. Here are some points that will show the reason for opting the custom web development

  • Improvement on search engine building:

    None but SEO or the Search Engine Optimization brings the best result in search engine marketing. This is the most effective way to bring your target audience to your business website. SEO has the best capability to do so. It is important to reach the most number of people to get more clicks; or rather, it is the technique of getting same visitor for a lifetime.

  • Professional support and maintenance:

    This is the era when you need a dynamic website to grow a good relationship with your existing as well as the potential clients. Thus, it is important to have a well-maintained website to be fit with the ever changing technology. Technology is like a one-way road; it tends to grow. Therefore, it is important to track the behaviour of the website viewers. When you hire a custom development service for your website, you will get the best support and maintenance from the company.

  • Reliable and cost effective:

    Having custom web development service is not only effective for the web marketing service, but also works dedicatedly to improve the visibility of your website on the major search engine result pages including Google at an affordable price range. It is able to meet the deadlines without being heavy on your pocket. Custom web design and development certify that you bump into compatibility and bugs. Therefore, it can be an utmost need that boosts up your online business indirectly. Since you are with a right IT company who provide web design and development services you will hit the acme of the digital marketing soon.

Website Maintenance

It is very important to keep track of your website & monitor its health to ensure it is working with its full efficiency.

We determine the design, work on transforming the look & feel from flat design concept into responsive design. This package mainly includes the following facilities:

  • Alteration of the content of the pages to match with the current scenario.
  • Modifying and expanding the website by increasing the number of pages.
  • Optimizing the updated website with search engines.
  • New features are added to the website to make it technologically sound.
  • Developing new tools to track the site’s success rate.
  • Making the website more user-friendly and attractive by using the latest technology.

Open Source Development

Open source software and tools offers a number of benefits which can help your business grow. Open source offers security which would help you be stress free when you are developing your business. The best thing about open source is the ease of fixing and implementing. If bugs affect the application, you can get it rectified & fixed through open source systems.

By using open source software you can create whatever your business needs. However, without a team of experts, this dream may not be fulfilled. It is important that you have people who know the ins and outs of these systems standing by your side. To achieve this technical superiority you would need a team with skilled developers.

We at Webtangle have experts who know the tools of the trade to develop the right piece of technology; we will propel growth and get the task of open source software development done with perfection.

The greatest benefit of open source is the ease of customisation. This is the reason, you need to have professionals and experts who would be able to create exactly what you are looking for. Since it is easy for non-experts to mess up open source, avoid the risk of creating open source software which can become problematic to you later.

Responsive Web Development

An amateurish web page would not be able to generate the kind of response you are looking for. Neither would it generate the client list which you want to create. The need to have an expert is much needed for any organization or a company, who can develop the right responsive website for them.

You must understand that time is the major player in this. You need to create a website which would be fast and load correctly in minimal amount of time. Without this you could lose a large array of potential clients. Present day web users are hasty in nature and require information on-the-go. A slow and a non-responsive website could get the potential customer to leave you and go directly to a competitor. Remember that time and usability factors is the key when you get a responsive website an important factor for your organization.

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